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What even is stress anyway?

Conjure up the typical image of someone who is ‘stressed’ and what do you see?

Stressed woman

Does this look familiar?

First we must understand that this image is a mere speck of reality – and that’s part of the problem.

When we think of stress we see images of super busy people trying to juggle the demands of a busy life. We often see a situation that’s unfamiliar. But in reality is it?

You’re scared. But the only way through could be failure

The danger of life’s greatest challenge.

Regret. Worry. Dissatisfaction. Trapped.

What stops people doing what they really want?

Sat writing this post a feeling that, for whatever reason, my own thoughts and words are rejected by others. A fear of rejection.

How often are we all consumed by this very idea. An argument with ourselves that stops us moving forward in ways we want to.

Is your mind happy? If not what does anything else amount to?

We seem obsessed with happiness as a product. I am, we are.

And perhaps the easiest way to explain this is the popular idea of craving for a happy body. Exercise regimes, guides and ‘diet’ schemes interspersed with celebrity endorsements. Or life changing objects and how, socially, we need this or that to become accepted and loved by others.

If we don’t put the mind first it’s all pointless and empty of substance.

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